8 tips for choosing your Gujarati wedding menu!

Menu ideas for Gujarati wedding

Firstly, why am I writing this. It is the biggest day of your life and choosing the right menu is important to ensure an enjoyable day for you and your guests.

This piece is here to give you some tips on Gujarati wedding menu ideas and will hopefully ease your fears and worries when it comes to choosing the right menu for your big day. Sit back, grab some gathiya and enjoy!

1. Be menu specific

When it comes to planning a Gujarati wedding menu, it is important to be menu specific and choose dishes that you love. With a wide variety of delicious and flavorful options available, selecting your favourite dishes can be an enjoyable task.

To create a memorable Gujarati wedding menu, consider incorporating traditional dishes such as dhokla, khandvi, undhiyu, and kadhi. These authentic Gujarati delicacies are known for their unique blend of spices and flavours that will delight your guests’ taste buds.

In addition to main courses, ensure that you have a variety of appetizers, snacks, and desserts on your menu. From khaman dhokla to shrikhand with puri – these delectable treats will add an extra touch of sweetness to your special day.

By being menu specific and carefully selecting your favourite Gujarati dishes, you can create an unforgettable dining experience for your guests at your wedding celebration.

2. Never skip the breakfast

Let us be real for a second, not giving a Gujarati his/her morning dose of gathiya, masala tea etc, is like trying to run your car with no fuel. It is a recipe for disaster. This is a key for keeping people motivated throughout the day, until and after your main ceremony. You may be thinking, this is so obvious, but it is easy to dismiss and leave your guests hungry.

You may also decide to go down a different route when choosing your breakfast, for example, you might choose a selection of pastries such as croissants.

The takeaway then is that no Gujarati wedding menu is complete without breakfast and it does not have to be too fancy either, stick to the classics and this is sure to go down a treat.

3. In come the vegans

Currently, in times of great change, we have more people adopting a vegan diet. Luckily for them, they will be pleased to know that Gujarati cuisine is, in my opinion the best for vegans. Gujaratis are typically vegetarian, so meat is straight out of the window. Also, most Gujarati dishes are vegan by accident, containing no dairy. A lot of catering and food businesses are adapting to these new demands, and are creating vegan alternatives to your traditional favourites. We as a business now offer a wide range of vegan alternatives, whether that be dairy-free milk for masala chai or a vegan take on a classic like khadi. The world has never had more options for vegans, than this current time.

Indian desserts, typically contain heavy amounts of milk or milk powder, which would make most vegans run a country mile. However, a great vegan sweet choice could be a classic like Bundi (traditionally made with no animal products). Some businesses (like us) now offer vegan alternatives to your favourite sweets, for example, vegan Mohan Thar or Gulab Jaman, so there is no fear of missing out!

4. Farsan is for life

Whenever you are at a Gujarati wedding, and you are in the que for your food, in your mind all you can think about is eating that flaky, deep fried kachori or those Methi na Gotha. Come on, doesn’t everyone? I know I do. On a serious note, this is such a make-or-break part of your menu, and it is crucial you pick the right savouries/farsan to go with the rest of your menu.

I mean the options are endless, from deep fried golden Kachoris (as you can see this is all I dream about) to crispy bhajia, which is one of our specialities, you have a goldmine of possibilities. Play it simple, stick with 1 to 2 of your favourites and ride with this.

5. Avoid food overload

Food waste is a big issue nowadays and can plague the best of us. Now, you are probably thinking, ‘it’s my special day, that’s not something I need to worry about.’ That is true, but there are a few simple ways to reduce wastage without having to go out of your way. You could consider cutting down your menu size.

Another thing to minimise food wastage at your event is to always clarify with the caterer, what will happen with leftovers, as this can be packed in containers and given to your guests if they wish to take some home. This is something we always offer at events we cater and ensures that no food goes to waste. This might not be a specific Gujarati wedding menu idea, but it is something to consider when choosing your menu or catering provider.

What can we do to tackle food waste in the wedding industry is great article talking about food waste in this industry and how to reduce this.

6. Time of year

Another great Gujarati wedding menu idea is to consider the time of year your wedding will be taking place. Depending on whether it is hot and sunny outside, or snowy/cold, you can optimise your menu accordingly. Now, typically most Indian weddings take place during the summer, so your guests will be feeling the heat. A great menu choice could be a classic dessert, such as shrikhand, which is a yoghurt-based dish, loaded with flavour and fruit.

The best thing is that this dessert dish is served chilled, and is the perfect way to cool your guests down. Now, let us say you are getting married in the depths of winter. You want to warm your guests up from the word go. That means a hot cup of masala chai, on their arrival. For your main wedding plate, traditional dishes such as dal and rice, have a nice warmth to them.

You could consider dessert dishes such as hot dehlo mohanthar, another classic of Gujarati cuisine. This dish is served hot, and is a great winter dessert choice. To sum up, whatever time of year you choose to get married, a few adjustments to your menu, can ensure that your guests are kept comfortable throughout the day.

7. Money on my mind

Indian weddings can cost us a pretty penny at the best of times, one of the best ways to minimise your expenses, is by choosing a cost-effective menu. Now, before you start screaming, I am not telling you to throw all your favourite sweets and savouries out of the window.

What I want to convey is that simplicity can always work in your favour. In my opinion, cutting down your menu, and choosing specific dishes, will not only cut your costs, but also creates a great tasting menu. An example of a great tasting, but also cost-effective menu could be as follows:

Gujarati Dal, Beteta nu Shak (Rasa Waru), Undhiyu, puri, kachori, Gajar Marcha, Mohan Thar (we have a vegan version of this favourite). This is an excellent menu choice, which will satisfy your guests and save you a few pennies

What I am not saying is that you are restricted to the above, this is not the case as the choices are endless when it comes to Gujarati wedding menu ideas. But for those of you who are worried about money and looking to save, this is a great place to start.

8. Environmental concerns

Plastic gets a bad rep nowadays and it is for good reason. Unfortunately, those eco freaks are right when they say that plastic does nothing good for the environment.

Your probably thinking, where do I come into this. Well, your wedding could be used as a vehicle for promoting sustainability. Plastic disposables are cost-effective when serving your wedding plate to your guests, but from an environmental point of view, it is not the best thing. A great solution to this could be cutlery & crockery, but will most definitely cost you more.

We also have the evolution, of biodegradable plates, cutlery, cups etc, which are great alternatives to plastic disposables. If you are someone who worries about the future of the planet or are conscious of your impact on the environment, making a few smart sustainable decisions at your wedding (or event) can help ease your worries about this topic. We ourselves as a company want to promote this subject a bit more and are taking steps to become more sustainable.

Why the wedding industry needs to be more sustainable is another brilliant article promoting sustainability in the wedding industry.

To sum up

In this article we have been over numerous Gujarati wedding menu ideas and tips to help you choose the perfect menu. I really do hope this information has helped you. If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call or send your queries over via email.

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